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This script provides a cross-browser way of preventing scroll on the body element. A common use case for this is when a modal window is open. Without this script, it’s easy for users to unknowingly scroll the page behind the modal and be disoriented when it’s closed.

Inspired by

Note: Once Safari and iOS Safari support the “touch-action” CSS property (, we can simply toggle a class that adds the following:

  .js-no-scroll body {
    overflow: hidden;
    touch-action: none;

  /* Create class to allow scrolling on certain elements, like modal windows */
  .allow-scroll { touch-action: auto !important; }


yarn add @threespot/freeze-scroll


import scroll from "@threespot/freeze-scroll";

// Disable scrolling

// Enable scrolling

NOTE: Calling freeze() or unfreeze() will trigger a scroll event. If you have other scroll event listeners, you may want to ignore this event by checking for the js-no-scroll class on the <html> element.


window.addEventListener('scroll', () => {
  // Ignore scroll events trigger by freeze-scroll
  if (document.documentElement.classList.contains('js-no-scroll')) {
    return false;

  // continue with your scroll event handler code


This is free software and may be redistributed under the terms of the MIT license.

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